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Manuscript Formatting & Submission Guidelines

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Content last updated: Sept. 30, 2021

Page last updated: Sept. 30, 2021

Formatting Suggestions:

Double Column text, except wherever a large figure has to be formatted as a single column.

Except otherwise specified, manuscript text will conform to Cambria 10, 1.05 multiple line spacing.

If Cambria Font is NOT available, Times New Roman Font can be used.

Title: Cambria 16 (Centered)

Names of Author(s): Cambria 10 (Centered)

Author affiliation ( Cambria 8 single column Centered) needs to be given below author names in order of appearance. Relation between author listing and affiliation needs to be indicated as superscripted numbers to the right of name in author listing and to the left in affiliation.

Abstract: Cambria 9 (single column) Justified

Subsection title: Cambria 10 Capital Letters

Font in Manuscript: Cambria 10

Reference Section: Cambria 9

Reference citations should be given in ascending order of their appearance on the manuscript

Tables need to have title above the table and figures need to have title below the figure. (Cambria 10)

Each table and figure should be accompanied by a legend below it. (Cambria 9)

Equations need to left aligned; equation numbers should be right aligned; equations quoted in manuscript need to conform to this form. (Eqn. 1)

References (Cambria 9) should be listed as

[1] Markowitsch H.J. (1995) Cerebral basis of consciousness: a historical view. Neuropsychol, 33(9):1181-92


[1] Infrasound. Brief Review of Toxicological Literature. (2001). 51 pages. ntp.niehs.nih.gov/ntp/ htdocs/Chem_Background/ExSumPdf/Infrasound.pdf (last accessed March 6, 2007)


[1] Kriajevska M.V., M.N. Cardenas, M.S. Grigorian , N.S. Ambartsumian, G.P. Georgiev, E.M. Lukanidin (1994) Nonmuscle myosin heavy chain as a possible target for protein encoded by metastasis-related mts-1 gene. J Biol Chem, 269(31):19679–19682

Acknowledgements where required should be given.

Receipt of funding for research should be specified.

Any queries regarding manuscript formatting may be addressed to the Editor.


Formatted Manuscripts may be sent by email in Acrobat pdf and Word form to The Editor's email id as specified in the appropriate Journal website of the IJBST Journal Group or to the Journal Group email id as specified in the header section of this webpage.

All communications with the Editor should be CC'ed to the coauthors of the manuscript.

Sample Manuscripts for formatting:

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